Nelly’s silver jewelry store is a young brand, that creates and sells you the newest trends in the world of silver ware. We offer you the high-quality Italian products, which will complement your individuality and become a perfect gift for your close friend.

Silver – is a precious metal that has been valued for its quality and beauty for many centuries, it opens the limitless opportunities for the imagination of jewelers, who create a unique jewelry.

The special methods of jewelry processing give 925 sterling silver its unique style. For example, a brilliant brightness, which is unnatural for pure silver, is created by a thin covering of precious white rhodium, the material our jewelry is covered with. The rhodium silver does not only look attractive, but it also has a special corrosion and mechanical damage stability. Furthermore, in accordance with ancient beliefs, silver soothes and heals, thus you do not have to deny yourself the simpler silver joy in this crazy century of speed.